Things to consider when travelling

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Things to consider when travelling

If you are a frequent traveler, this list may not provide you with anything new, though it is what we’ve compiled from our own experiences and those of our clients.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Don’t stress! Be prepared early and have a good night’s sleep before the day you travel. All too often stress can turn an adventure into an ordeal. If things go wrong, keeping cool, calm and collected will get you out of a pickle and minimize any potential dramas.

Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, through check-in and onto your flight. It’s often better to leave half hour early so that you have a little time up your sleeve in case you get stuck in traffic or delayed some how. Medusa Transfer will be a good choice for transfers from the airport.

Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water, and if you are traveling to a country without plenty of good quality drinking water, be sure to get plenty of water purification tablets before you go, as they may be harder to come by once you reach your destination.

If you’re catching a flight, check that you have all important documentation, ie passport, plane tickets, visas. It’s also a good idea to make copies of these documents to take with you in case you lose your originals, or leave a copy with a trusted party at home so that they can forward them to you if needed.

Be patient and courteous with other travellers – make it a good experience for everyone. This may seem like common sense, but it’s amazing how uncommon this sense can be when you are in a packed airport, or even on the plane.

If you’re leaving the country and taking medication, be sure to take sufficient supply with you, and check with your doctor if you need any special documentation regarding your medication and overseas visits. You can always check with your embassy or the destination country’s embassy when applying for your visas if you need any special documents for your trip.

Try to minimize alcohol consumption before and during your flight, as the effects can be worsened with long distance travel, and make adjusting to a new time-zone more difficult.

ALSO IMPORTANT, carefully read and honestly answer your declaration sheet for the destination country, and on your return trip! I’m sure you’ve seen those Airport Security shows with people who don’t declare their prohibited items correctly – I know that we have! This important step can prove costly if you don’t pay it proper attention, and even result in criminal charges depending on the severity of the breach.

Be sure to keep a careful eye on your luggage, and lock it securely if possible, to avoid the likelihood of any third parties tampering with your luggage and getting you into trouble. Don’t offer to take anything for anyone unless you are 110% of what it is you are transporting – it’s your own reputation that you are risking – not theirs, because ultimately you are responsible for what you have with you. You can make a good start with our company Medusa Transfer, which you can safely choose for Dalaman Marmaris transfer.

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